The Nature Coast Community Band (NCCB) performs 12-15 free concerts a year.  Established in 2009, NCCB is located on Florida’s West Coast about an hour and a half north of Tampa. We currently have over 50 high caliber, volunteer musicians performing new symphonic band music at themed concerts all year long. Our musicians range in age from 15-94, and include a large number of conductors, professional musicians, and composers. The NCCB rehearses once a week for 2 hours and has performed over 100 concerts, each with a new program, new soloists, a creative theme, and a narration to guide the audience through the program.

The Nature Coast has grown to love the NCCB. Financial stability is based solely on donations from concert audiences, Friends of NCCB, and Business Sponsors. The band performs for about 1,800 audience patrons at 2 concerts in 2 different locations on each concert weekend. Before each concert, band members and volunteers enlarge every stage with risers because there is no adequate stage in the Citrus County area. In addition to donations at concerts, the NCCB has an active fundraising committee. Funds have been used to purchase a large library, staging, trailers, lighting and sound equipment, insurance, pay for concert venues and rehearsal space, provide student scholarships, and purchase percussion equipment necessary for performing grade 5 and 6 music literature.

Due to her work in establishing the NCCB to its present level, the late Director Emeritus Cynthia (Cindy) Hazzard was named the 2016 Altrusa Woman of Impact. Cindy worked with an active NCCB Board, with the Citrus County Veterans Coalition, and with NCCB Friends who volunteer time to support the band.  In Cindy’s words, “The success of the band is due to NCCB musicians working diligently on their own to learn music quickly. With only 6-7 rehearsals between concerts, a full concert of new music can only be accomplished with dedicated musicians who care deeply about the quality of their performances. They are the ones who deserve the credit for raising this group from ragtag to beloved.”

Our new NCCB conductor, Kathy Thompson, is looking forward to continuing the NCCB legacy. “I am honored and thrilled to be continuing the legacy of Cindy Hazzard, who began a tradition of excellence and elevated the band to the highest standard possible”. Kathy says “My goal is to continue that tradition and challenge the band to perform at an even higher level.”



The mission of the Nature Coast Community Band is to provide opportunities for musicians of all ages to come together in an enjoyable and cooperative atmosphere, to perform concerts in the community band tradition for the benefit of the community, and to promote cultural enhancement in the Nature Coast of Florida.



Our vision is to offer exceptional performances, innovative programming, and commitment to accessibility and community engagement.